Welcome to Wellington Hapkido

“The dedicated practitioner of a martial art acquires a mental dexterity that combined with fitness and training provides for a calm and confident response in a wide variety of circumstances”

- Anonymous, 1949.

The learning of Hapkido is suitable to men, women  and children from the age of 6.

Wellington Hapkido Martial Arts teaches the traditional style of Hapkido. We run a relaxed class where serious learning takes place with little formality in relaxed and friendly classes.

We operate out of a dedicated martial arts centre off Adelaide Road, Mt Cook, Wellington. The facilities include 200m2 of padded mats, changing rooms, kick bags and other equipment specific to martial arts.

We are a non-profit club with all instruction and administration provided voluntarily by our members.

Wellington Hapkido teaches practical self-defence in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Each student is encouraged to learn and understand self-defence as a means to enable fitness, encourage well-being and gain confidence.

We offer FITNESS



“Black Belt — A white belt that never quit”.


" I have been away with work off and on for the last couple of weeks. But really looking forward to getting back in to it " – Paul 

" A couple of weeks ago I stumbled in on your classes. The instructor was awesome and I'd like to come back Saturday. " – Jessica 

"I have learned to use Hapkido breathing, posture and concentration techniques at work – particularly before meetings. " – Peter 

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Location:  6 Oxford Terrace, Mt Cook, Wellington.    Phone:  021 431 561    Email:  hapkidowgtn@gmail.com