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Hapkido does not require strength or size to be effective, which can make it particularly attractive to women. Our main goal is to make our academy a safe space to learn and perfect the art of Hapkido.


It’s more fun than the gym, but offers plenty of aerobic and conditioning work to keep fit while learning lots of practical self-defence techniques that are effective in the real world.


It does not take long to build up self-confidence and a sense of empowerment, learning at self-set pace in a supportive environment. When on the mat everyone is treated with respect, irrespective of size, age, strength or gender.


There is choice in what’s learnt, so nobody is forced to master techniques with which they are uncomfortable. However, women are offered additional if they do choose to partake techniques to deal with situations of unpleasant advances and attacks on women.

It could be...
your way to take charge
your way of feeling  empowered 
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