Mark Conchie, 4th Dan

Marks Hapkido journey began in March 1984 under the instruction of Grand Master Lee.  Since that time, Mark has acquired some experience in other disciplines.  Hapkido, however, is the style he continues to study. 


Mark gained his 1st dan black-belt in 1988 and has graded up to 4th dan in August 2018.  He has entered several tournaments over the years.  The most recent competing in the Veterans division in South Korea 2016 gaining a gold medal.  Mark instructs in both the childrens and adult classes and is currently studying towards his fifth dan.

Peter MacLeod, 2nd Dan

Peter started Hapkido in 1980 under Grand Master Lee’s instruction at the dojang in Tory Street, Wellington, and gained his 1st Dan in 1985.

Peter restarted the Wellington Club in 1997 and is now Club Captain.

Mark Pickup, 2nd Dan

Mark started Hapkido in 1983 under Grand Master Lee’s instruction at the dojang in Tory Street, Wellington, and gained his 1st Dan in 1988.  Mark instructs in the adults class.

David Ollivier, 2nd Dan

Dave started his training in 2003 and attained his 1st Dan black belt in 2010 and his 2nd Dan in 2013.


He has traveled to Korea regularly and has experienced training with a number Korean Masters there. He was the first competitor to represent the New Zealand Hapkido Federation in an International Hapkido tournament in Busan in 2013 and has successfully competed twice in competitions there. 


Dave has visited and trained in a number styles of martial arts on overseas trips but always returns to Hapkido. He is motivated to learn all he can regarding self defense techniques so that he can incorporate these into his training. 

Dave instructs in both the adults and childrens classes.

Daryl Conchie, 2nd Dan
Daryl is a guest instructor at the Wellington Hapkido Academy children's and adult sessions. 
Daryl trains regularly at the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy.
Joanne Conchie, 1st Dan

Joanne began her training back in January 2004 and gained 1st dan in April 2017.  Joanne is the instructor of the children's club which runs on Saturday mornings with assistance from with other instructors.  Joanne also instructs in the adults classes and is the Club Secretary/Treasurer.

In 2016 Joanne represented NZ in South Korea participating in the International Hapkido Tournament in Busan.


Hapkido has given her confidence and the ability to feel safe on the streets at night.

Reddyn Wallace, 1st Dan

Reddyn started his training in 2008 and attained his first degree black belt in May 2017.

Reddyn instructs in the adults classes.

Yan Zhang, 1st Dan

Yan started his training in March 2005 and attained his first degree black belt in May 2017.

Yan instructs in both the childrens and adults hapkido classes.

David Hamilton, 1st Dan

David restarted his training in March 2010 after training previously in the early 90's, and attained his first degree black belt in 2017.

David instructs in both the adults and childrens classes.

Rob Finalyson


Rob Finlayson, 2nd Dan Taekwondo and red belt in Hapkido.  Rob is a guest instructor at Wellington Hapkido Academy children's and adult sessions.


Rob began training early to mid 1970's in Olympic style wrestling & competition. In October 1979 Started WTF style TKD.  Rob fought in the 1st 4 NZ tournaments.  Rob cross trained in both HKD & WTF style TKD on & off over the years under GM Lee.  He graded to 1st degree black belt 1985, 2nd degree 1995 in Taekwondo.


Rob was part of the NZ demonstration team from the early 80's under GM Lee promoting  Taekwondo in Wellington & further afield helping to open clubs in New Plymouth, Wanganui, Palmerston North, Levin, Otaki & many of the Wellington suburbs as a result. Various styles periodically trained in over the years. ITF style TKD, Kenpo Bushido Ru Karate, Wu style Tai Chi & Tai Chi sword & some Wing Chun, weapons, some Bo, short stick, Knife, Shiriken, throwing knife, pens, coin, credit or business card & what ever comes to hand in time of need.  Self taught with help from others with experience in other styles the Nunchucka, Sai, Tonfa & Balisong.  Rob started the Tawa club again after the big split that resulted in 5 of the black belts & a lot of students in Tawa to remain with GM Lee.


Favorite quote: Running is the best form of self defense... as long as they are not faster of fitter, then a gun is better.

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