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Junior Hapkido is specifically designed to introduce young people to the martial arts – in particular to Hapkido at their own pace. Our Junior Hapkido classes are aimed at developing good self-defence and martial arts skills along with helping to develop self-confidence, physical fitness, self-discipline, respect for others and personal leadership.

The Junior Hapkido classes are for ideally suited for young people aged approximately 7 to 12 years. It excludes the more dangerous techniques taught in the adult Hapkido syllabus such as joint locks and weapons. We generally find that younger students (aged under 7) aren’t quite ready to understand some of the material in this class. From about ages 12 – 13 we find that most Junior Hapkido students are ready to join the Adult Hapkido classes and at this stage, we start transitioning them into these classes.

Junior Hapkido classes start with a quick warm up followed by basic drills. Once these are completed the students are taught syllabus martial specific to their grade before finishing with a quick warm down. We prefer that a guardian be present during the class and we also reserve the right to suspend or cancel the membership of any unruly or disruptive student.

Our Junior Hapkido programme aims to develop the student into a Junior Black Belt.  There are 8 belt grades to work through on this journey. These grades mirror the adult Hapkido grades but the equivalent Junior Hapkido belt has a white strip running through it.

Break Fall
Shouler Throw
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